Casa de madeira

Especialistas de estrutura de madeira - residenciais, pousadas, casas de férias e praia
Specialist architectural design of timber structures and log homes
Phase 4 : CONSTRUçãO

Casa pre'fabricadas

All units are pre-manufactured in Pretoria and transported to site as a KIT for assembly and finish.

While we encourage you to appoint a local contractor, there are 3 construction options - i) Full DIY, where we supply you with the pre-manufactured KiT, and all plans and full instructions;  OR  ii) We quote on the total project, which will include costing for stay & travel of the team;  OR  iii) you appoint your own team of about 4 carpenters and 2 labourers. We include in the quote to send 2 good guys with the KiT for a few days to assist with erecting the basic structure only, and your team continues to complete and finish.

We offer full contracting support and architectural supervision to all building teams, according to your requirements.

*You may also choose to Do It Yourself, or contract a local handyman and carpenters for the task – this option places you in control of the cash flow, labour and pace on site, to be managed as it suits you (and your budget).

*We can quote for a small team to assist with the construction of the basic structure, for you to complete and finish with local labour. Quotes on request.

Construction teams are to take special care to cause minimum site disturbance, in co-operation with the architect and other professionals.